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Should I Sleep on the Floor?

When you’re exhausted from the pressures of work, you want to go home to get a healthy dose of a good night’s sleep. The quality of sleep you get highly depends on where you sleep. Although laying on a mattress can be comfortable and blissful, it does not provide as many benefits as sleeping on the floor. Sleeping on the floor has remarkable benefits you need to have a healthy sleep and wake up feeling energized. You may also want to read our article about Which is the Best Tall High Mid Century Platform Bed - Solid Platform Bed Reviews and Buyer Guides


It improves back pain.

Soft mattresses do not provide a lot of support since it lets your body to sink, making your spine to curve and suffer back pains. As a matter of fact, Harvard Medical School recommends placing your mattress on the floor or putting plywood under the mattress. Sleeping on a firmer surface might relief back pain, but it also depends on some factors such as sleeping position or the cause of the back pain.

It helps to treat insomnia

If your undergoing the torture of insomnia and have tried a series of medications and therapy, you might try sleeping on the floor. A bad sleeping surface or an uncomfortable mattress may be the cause of you tossing and turning the whole night, making you feel sleep-deprived and groggy the next day.

It prevents overheating

This is often a common issue, especially if you are sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. The heat released from your body while you sleep could get trapped in the material of your mattress, heating the surface of your mattress. This will make you feel hotter and eventually cause sleep disturbances. However, this isn’t the case with floor sleeping since there isn’t any material for you your body’s heat to get trapped in, thus preventing overheating. Visit our link to read more


Exposure to dust

One of the disadvantages of floor sleeping is that you will get exposed to dust that accumulates from the floor. When you inhale dust and other harmful dirt particles, you risk leaving a permanent mark on your health. You will need to do regular cleaning to prevent respiratory issues such as asthma and allergies.

Invites bedbugs and other insects

Nothing turns off a good night sleep faster like a thirsty bedbug craving for your blood. Bedbugs are a real headache since they multiply and spread very fast inside your mattress. Therefore, if you want to prevent them from making your mattress their humbling home, you can try raising the bed a bit above the floor and avoid any of your beddings to hang or touch the floor.

Exposure to cold

Most people find sleeping on the floor, especially non-carpeted floors, to be very unpleasing even with lots of beddings. Since heat rises, the floor reduces the warmth and becomes the coldest part of the room. You can try wearing warm pajamas to prevent the cold and concentrate on building a warmer padding base.

How to sleep on the floor without hurting yourself

  1. Create a comfortable sleep surface with floor-sleeping mats, mattress toppers, sleeping bag pads and warm layers of blankets.

  2. Try back sleeping, stomach sleeping, and side sleeping. Experiment all to understand which improves the quality of your sleep.

  3. Instead of adding a stack of pillows, lie on a thin pillow to avoid straining your neck.

  4. Find a suitable floor that is clutter-free.

Final Word

Sleeping on the floor can take some time to adjust, but it is very beneficial. You will sleep much better, achieve a good quality of sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. You can try this out and receive the benefits, but if it won’t work well for you, you can always revert to the comfort of your mattress. Check out our guide to Platform Bed Expert



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