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Image by Matt Collamer

To escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness, you need to have access to the necessary supports to help lift you up. Otherwise, despite any progress you may make on your own, you risk falling back into that pit.

The Elizabeth Coalition recognizes the needs to help its clients raise themselves up, while also doing so in such a way that they are empowered to take the lead and help themselves. We offer programming for children in Bernice's Place to help give kids a place to be kids and let them grow in safe environments. People who qualify for our emergency assistance can turn to us with the knowledge that we pass no judgment, and simply wish to help ease

their anxiety of becoming homelessness. Qualified families are offered shelter in our hospitality houses, allowing them to build a nest egg so that they could move on to a place of their own. And during the coldest months of the year, those who would otherwise rest their heads on the street can find a network of volunteers willing to clothe them, give them food, and offer rest in their warm houses of worship through Operation Warm Heart.

Behind the scenes, we stand up to advocate for those who need shelter. Our work has led to students suffering from homelessness having a school to attend instead of losing a valuable education that could help them succeed in the future and break the cycle. For 2020, we joined the Census campaign, helping ensure an accurate count for all of New Jersey - including those without a home. And we continue to develop programs to help address the needs of those around us, envisioning a future where every person will have a safe place to call home.

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