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Are emotional support animals benefits scientifically proven? - 2022 Guide

Man and animals have had friendly relations even centuries ago. In early ages, animals were kept as guards, for labor work or simply as pets. However, now there are so many benefits of animals, that they are kept as ESA Letter for those who suffer from a mental disorder like anxiety, stress or depression. Many people question whether these benefits are scientifically proven or not. Well for all those who are in doubt whether emotional support animals are really helpful for mankind, this blog is a must-read.

Based on all the scientific research, it is safe to conclude that people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or other mental disorders can be relieved with the help of emotional support animals. We suggest that if you are experiencing a mental disorder, you must consult with your medical health professional and get details on adopting an emotional support animal. As you find a friend in your esa letter for housing, they will find a loving home too.

According to the statistics, more than 18% of the US adult population struggle because of anxiety and almost 7% struggle due to depression. Many institutes have researched this topic and the results are positive. A non-profit organization, Human-Animal Bond Research Institute researched the health benefits of keeping emotional support animals. According to their latest research, emotional support animals improve the quality of life of their owners and help the owner overcome stress, post-traumatic stress, and depression. The peer-reviewed researches show that these emotional support animals help to manage emotions and are a good distraction from traumatic experiences.

Emotional support animals are so beneficial that even the government is allowing owners to keep their emotional support animals at houses that prohibits pets otherwise. All you have to do is get an ESA letter from your medical health expert. You can view free emotional support animal letter samples available online. You can also take your ESA on a flight with this letter.

Science has proved that those who feel lonely if keep an emotional support animal, they feel significantly better and even safer. When on a flight, it can be chaotic and unbearable for those who feel anxiety. But the presence of emotional support animals can change this situation. They tend to divert the attention of the owner from the chaos and help them feel safer and relaxed. In this way, the owner does not have to take medicines and apply any other tactics to stay calm. Moreover, for people suffering from AHDH, keeping an emotional support animal can work wonders.

If you have a little interest in psychology, you must know Renowned psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud. Much surprising fact is that he used to keep his pet Jofi during his patient’s therapeutic sessions. He realized that animals provide emotional support to patients.

Another renowned organization of Australia helped more than twenty thousand people living in hospitals, mental health units, and senior homes through animals assisted therapy. The animal who provided the emotional support comfort includes cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, llamas, pigs, and even snakes. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

Patients that suffer from depression take antidepressants which serotonin levels in their blood. However, these antidepressants have negative effects too. On the other hand, dogs which are one of the most common emotional support animals elevate the dopamine levels which are neurochemical linked with bonding and love. So not only a feeling of love will decrease the depression but also emotions of bonding are produced. And for that, you do even have to do much. This happens just by looking at those big or even small but cute anyways, eyes of your furry friend.

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