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Thank You To Everyone Who Attended Our 2023 Annual Gala!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the many individuals and organizations who help alleviate poverty and homelessness in Union County at the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless's Annual Gala! On May 24th, we all gathered together to recognize the monumental contributions of:

  • Phillips 66, accepted by Nancy Sadlon and Mary Phillips, Honorees for the Founders Award for Community Investment,

  • Sister Maryanne Tracey, SC, Honoree for the Founders Award for a Lifetime of Service, and

  • Senator Joseph Cryan, Honoree for the Founders Award for Public Service.

We also wished a fond farewell to Mike and Betsy Fabricant of the Fabulous Fabricants, who will be stepping down from the Board of Directors leadership after dedicating countless years in service to our mission. Watch the video:

We also want to thank our wonderful sponsors who made the event a success:

Finally, download the program journal with all the well-wishes for our honorees.

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