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No matter if you are a pro skater or just a newcomer to skateboarding, your skate shoes will wear out in no time just after a couple of months with continuous skating. Therefore, choosing a good pair of skate shoes is the most important thing if you want to have the proper protection for your feet.

With a little research on the internet, you can easily find the buying guide to choose the perfect skate shoes or to see several reviews about different products on the market. However, due to the abusive use of skaters, skate shoes usually don’t last long. Therefore, SkateAdvisors has an article about 5 ways to prolong your skate shoes and I would like to sum up the main ideas in this thread.

The most common way to make shoes last longer is to use them until the soles are worn out. Skateboarders can apply several substances on the sole to keep it in place until it is torn apart. Crap and glue are common items used for attaching the worn-out sole but it is not very effective. For skaters with frequent uses of skate shoes, this method doesn’t work very well as their shoes can only last for about 1 to 2 weeks.

The enemy of skate shoes must be the grip tape as it abrasive these shoes badly when skaters make contact with the deck. Moreover, the sole also suffers greatly from the unlevel ground due to the friction. By knowing what ruins your shoes, you would be able to take some precautions to prolong their lifespan of them.

According to the kickflip guide by SkateAdvisors on crunchbase, the collar of your shoes suffers more from wear than in a heelflip performance. Therefore, skaters should mind their favorite tricks to know which part of the shoe needs protection.

The next method is to determine the section which usually wears out fast due to some distinctive reasons such as doing heelflip, kickflip, etc. Sometimes, the edge of the shoes is where skaters should pay attention to, especially when you are practicing the ollie due to a large amount of contact with the surface.

Thirdly, I think suede shoes are quite durable so they had better be the priority option when it comes to choosing skate shoes. Although they are quite tough against wear, your feet would still feel quite comfortable when wearing them. To learn more about the material used in manufacturing skate shoes, why don’t you take some minutes to read the explanation from SkateAdvisors on business site.

It is inevitable that your favorite skate shoes have some holes in them after use. In this case, you can apply shoe goo to cover the gap instead of throwing them away. However, this method can only work when you apply shoe goo right after your shoes have some small holes. When the gap gets bigger and bigger things would be impossible. Hence, skaters should know the right time to apply the proper method.



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