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Working on the book: how to finish a novel if there is not enough text

How to finish a novella to a novel

Most importantly, you already have half a novel in hand, and that's a plus. Although, of course, dopisyvat more difficult than the descriptions dobirat fifteen pages. And to "swell" the story to a novel, you have to finish writing.

The following questions will help you choose how to finish the story as a novel.

A) Is an additional storyline possible?

For example, a second character line: if the story is about fighting evil, and only the line of the good hero is shown, you can introduce a villain line - tell about his past, about his plans. And in a love novel, many get out of the situation by adding a romantic line of the heroine's girlfriend or a friend of the hero.

Another way out is the retrospective line: periodically going back into the protagonist's past and telling about significant events from his life and how they relate to the present.

B) Is a continuation of the story possible?

If so, then the novella automatically becomes the first part of a novel. And, of course, the second part must be logically and event-related to the first.

Pay attention: geometry homework help did you answer all the questions in the first part, are there no "tails" - undisclosed intrigue, interesting undeveloped ideas, undeveloped plot lines? Pay attention: haven't you lost your "way" by starting to write, for example, about finding a family and "getting stuck" on another goal - studying at the academy? In that case, in the second part you can return to the former "heroic" goal, answer the hanging questions and pick up the "tails".

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