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5 Ways to Memorize Poetry to Help You in the Exam and More

Sometimes it seems that the brain remembers everything except the most important. We remember a stupid song from a minibus for years, but we don’t remember the verses necessary for study. How to fix it, says our blogger Vera Borisova. Surely everyone who takes an exam in literature had a question: “Lord, there are so many poems in this codifier. How to learn them all? When I took the exam, I thought the same thing. Poems are not only not remembered, but they simply do not want to get into the "cranial box of television", as Oksimiron sang. I have put together a few ways to help make this task easier. sing

Remember the situation: you are sitting on a test, and a line from a song pops up in your head instead of formulas? You need to remember the square root of X, and you have a concert in your head. Why is the song remembered, but the necessary poems are not? It's all about the emotional triggers the music evokes and the motor memory it develops. The development of this memory contributes to a good construction of thoughts in writing written works. At the same time, it is important that you can use the college essay editing service and this will contribute to good writing of written works. Songs you can't forget because they may be related to an event or a person. Or maybe you sang it so many times that it seemed to remain “on the subcortex”.

What to do? Many poems can be found performed by musicians. For example, the group "The Retuses" sings songs on verses.If every morning you listen to the audio version of the poem instead of Oksimiron's new album (or better still, sing along), then perhaps it will be remembered as well as "Salute, Vera!"

Quote Imagine a person says to you: “I don’t understand how to do this.” And you are like this: “He could not distinguish an iambic from a chorea, no matter how hard we fought, to distinguish.” This is how you connect the text with emotion and memory (as in the previous paragraph). In this way, it will be possible to write a good written work. By using edit my essay, will help you convey your thoughts well in writing. You can simply quote poems in everyday life, "reviving" them. Of course, it looks strange - as if you came from the 19th century - but it is effective.


In the 11th grade, my friend and I loved to walk down the street and read "Letter to a Woman" by Sergei Yesenin or "Requiem" by Akhmatova. For example, we go in for coffee, she starts to say: “And some woman of more than forty years old ...”, and I pick up: “I called her a bad girl and my dear.” So you can test yourself. Get to pick up a poem from anywhere? So you remember him well. Imagine that you are playing roles in a theatre. On stage, you need to know not only your lines, but also your partner.


Develop visual and muscle memory through writing. For example, in the evening you learned a poem, and in the morning at school you took a sheet of paper and wrote what you remembered during the break. The main thing is to compare with the original, see where you made a mistake. This way you can avoid factual errors, because along with the text you also remember copyright marks.Imagine

But, of course, it may be that all of the above methods do not work. I suggest in this case to make a product marketing presentation. The main thing for this is to use help proofread my paper to effectively build a presentation. Just like Steve Jobs shows off a new iPhone every year, you visualize the text you're trying to learn. Create images in your head based on literary theory analysis or make a small folder on Pinterest. For example, “I go out alone on the road ...” break it down into the following images: fog, night, starry sky, the lyrical hero feels lonely, lost love, a feeling of hopelessness.

Don't just memorize poems. Any work from the codifier is important to analyze. You can't remember what you don't understand.

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