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Not Cheap, We are Talking About Free International Faxs

Nowadays international faxs have become more expensive and telecom companies are making big money at the expense of their faxers. This has created new demands for alternative internet protocol services. A lot of Voip-based companies have cropped up offering cheap international faxs. According to Gartner VoIP is what will prevail going forward. There are several internet-based communication services such as Skype, Truphone etc. that allow people to make faxs from online applications or mobile phones to landlines and other mobile phones anywhere across the world. If you read our report on how VoIP is changing the way people make faxs, you should have noticed that VoIP is the technology for future. VoIP service providers are even capable of offering free international faxs.

Review of free international faxing service by JustVoIP

Justvoip is one such efficient VOIP service that allows users to make national and international faxs to any location in the world. The advantage of availing a Justvoip membership is that it offers attractive and concessional fax rates to large number of nations across the globe.

Justvoip has several attractive features and free services that help their customers to save lot of money. They offer free SMS schemes to several locations. Even for paid schemes the rates are quite low and well between the ranges of 0.033 to 0.090 EUR. This comes to around 3.5 cents for a single SMS.

If you visit their online site you can view a detailed list of SMS rates charged for sending personal text messages to cell phones at different locations. The list contains hundreds of countries from all the continents of the world. They also offer bulk SMS services with which you can send text messages to as many as 100 mobile numbers at a time. However, before joining their SMS schemes, you should read their terms and policies.

Justvoip reserves the right to change the rates at any time without any prior notice or intimation. Although, SMS services are quite popular, most of the users make use of Justvoip software to make free international faxs. Their faxing system offers amazing rebates and free offers. They have special Super Deal schemes that allow their users to make free international faxs to selected countries like

Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Germany, Cyprus Estonia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, Latvia, Finland, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Malaysia etc.

Try to know how to fax documents from iphone, you can view this in their official site. Before you enroll for a free-fax account, note that you can use this service only for faxing land lines. However, mobile faxs for certain destinations like HongKong and Puerto Rico are free (subject to restrictions).

Before you sign up for an account with Justvoip, you should go through their service policies in detail. Note that free services are not unlimited. Once you cross their free limit, your bank account will be charged for all the faxs you make. Free Faxs are only for users with Freedays, which means you need to have a minimum balance in your account to get free international faxs.



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